Women empowering Centre "Awakening"
The Women Empowering Centre (WEC) supports Ukrainian refugee women and provide them tools and knowledge for self-developing and integration in the The Netherlands.

The Women Empowering Centre (WEC) supports Ukrainian refugee women and provide them tools and knowledge for self-developing and integration in the The Netherlands.
about us
Women Empowering centre "Awakening" is a part of Stichting "Volunteers with no Limits".

Established in February 2022, "Volunteers with no Limits" (VW-NL), KVK 86209264, rose in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the onset of the war we immediately gathered dire necessities in the Netherlands for Ukraine and later for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands.

Since February we helped more than 1500 Ukrainian families that fled to The Netherlands.
In response to the most common needs, we launched 4 projects
Our projects
That's why we launched the Women empowering centre «Awakening».

Intense experience of volunteering and communication with refugee women helped us to understand how their needs have changed and how we can help them in a more efficient way.

We believe that the best support is to help people find their inner strength and to inspire them with confidence in their new beginnings. In this difficult time we see big potential in helping people to grow in mental, spiritual, cultural and creative ways.
We believe that Ukrainian women have incredible strength and talents, but they need help to realise
their potential and value.
WEC program offers a range of workshops, meetings, practices that empower women through main pillars – mental support, cultural education, spiritual practice and creative development. Please see the main 8 directions of our centre.
What we do
WEC Concept
We are non-profit organisation supporting Ukrainian women refugees.

The program includes 8 fields to support women with confidence to lead a healthier and happier life in the Netherlands.

All classes are free of charge for Ukrainian refugees.
Any other participants can join on payment basis.
All profit goes to run the centre.
attended the WEC classes
during 2 months
Joined to our team, and
25 teacher already had hold classes.
Within a short period the Women Empowering Centre showed incredible results and positive impact on the mental health of our participants.
Our results as of 31th of August 2022.
55 classes
Of lectures, coaching sessions and body practices were hold in WEC, in total 133 hours.
Olena, Kiev
MBSR, Mindfulness, 8-week program with Sasha Yildiz:
Sasha gives hope in the good future by her calmness and communication.
For me, these sessions are very meaningful, our classes are always full of conversations, sharing of feelings, where she skilfully and unobtrusively weaves in theory.
In addition to practices, there is a Telegram group where Sasha shares materials, and there are many of them, they are interesting. This is a very deep course, where we can have serious changes if we work on ourselves.
Vasylyna, Kyiv
MBSR, Mindfulness, 8-week program with Sasha Yildiz
This course came into my life at a very right moment and I am infinitely grateful to the organisers and the teacher.
I feel that I am moving in the right direction and am in a positive circle of my compatriots. I have high hopes and hopes that mindfulness will help me solve certain issues and become a part of my life. I have already noticed certain changes in myself. With interest and admiration I look forward to the next class.
3-week transformational coaching program "Fears deactivation" with Alisa Chorna
I wanted to once again say a huge thank you to Alice for bringing us to our senses, and for the changes that began to happen to us.
Specific changes that happened to me: I finally figured it out and saw a picture of what I would like to do in the future, participated in a marathon and made my first one-page site. There was a feeling that I had moved from some point on which I was hung up for a while. I found a strengths and the fear to move on was gone
Julia, Odessa
about Women Empowering Centre:
I sincerely thank all our wonderful teachers for organising the space. For new experiences, practices and understanding that you are NOT ALONE. Your help to us is a Huge contribution to our future.
Thanks to such a wide range of programs and courses, you can try yourself in various directions and, of course, help yourself and your children. Everyone knows the ancient truth: "A healthy mother - a healthy child"
I wish you all: Easy and productive Implementation of ALL projects, Success and Prosperity.
Julia, Odessa
Acupuncture session with Acupuncturists without boarders
Thank you so much. It was really fantastic. It's my first practice of acupuncture, and I never felt such relaxation in my life; though I practice meditation and yoga and read a lot about creating the great things around us, which lie in the small, I felt a new deep relaxation
about Women Empowering Centre
Dear organisers! Huge thanks to you!
You don't even know what kind of help you give us.
Everything is interesting. The teachers are so open and friendly.
Different practices and new knowledge! And most importantly, we understand that in this difficult time we can always find support!
God bless you!
Thanks you!
HOW TO support us?
We launched this project without any financial support, only with efforts of 3 self-driven Ukrainian women.
WEC became a safe and energy place for many Ukrainian women and the full time job for our team. Our dream is to turn the centre into sustainable business to support both Ukrainian women and teachers who work in our centre.
Financial support
We are looking for financial support to cover material cost, teacher salary and centre coordination. Our team work every day to operate the WEC.
Donate now
Space for the centre
We are looking for permanent space which can become our "House of Awakening". Approx. 50-70 sq.m. where we can hold all our classes by transforming the space into yoga classes or educational classes for 15-20 people.
Offer a space
Help with Publicity 
We are looking for collaboration with PR agency and Press to increase awareness about WEC and make more impact together
Offer PR Help
Make a donation
Help us build a healthy and harmonious community by giving us the opportunity to run mental health, cultural & social integration and self-development programs.
Our Social Impact
Stichting "Volunteers with no Limits"
WEC is a part of Stichting "Volunteer with no Limits"and was arose from the close work and with refugees. Since February (to date August 2022) our organisation have achieved the following results. We continue to run all our activities and will support Ukrainians as long as they are in such a vulnerable situation.
  • 55.000 kg
    Of humanitarian aid were collected and
    shipped to Ukraine
  • €75.000+
    Donations were collected and spent directly on
    humanitarian aid for Ukraine
  • 1500+
    Ukrainian families received help in our
    help centre in Amsterdam
  • 100+
    Trusted group of volunteers we help us realise
    our objectives.
  • 240+
    Children have participated in 117 workshops in "The Kids Club UA" - safe space for children and teenagers to cope with a stress and express themselves.
  • 296
    Ukrainian Women refugees attended 28 classes of
    Women Empowering Centre, with total 70 class hours
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We are looking for the partners and sponsors who want to make a social impact together!
Please contact us to start meaningful collaboration!
Women Empowering Centre "Awakening"

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